Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"More to Love"

Ok, so I was excited for this show to start. I even posted a previous blog about casting calls for the show... But what a disappointment.

I was in tears watching this show. I am a a Plus Size woman, but according to this TV show, I must be a freaking Plus Size WHALE.

I was glad to see a show that had bigger women on it. But even "their" big women were small compared to me. I would consider 85% of those girls to be chunky. I told my husband I bet not one woman would be over 250. Im sorry but when you're 5'10 and 175 pounds, you aren't fat. Try being my size! And all these stories about them never having dates was so hard to believe. All the girls were pretty, and thank god most had tummies and a few rolls. But all the big girls I know would not show up wearing a TIGHT form fitting dress or let half their back show and arms.

The average girl was around 5'6 and 180-220. The biggest girl on the show was 5'10 and 275 pounds. I was so excited when a girl was over 250.... But did she get picked to continue? NO! The stupid guy, Luke - who is 6'3 and 330) picked all the "Skinny" fat girls. So it goes to show, he may like curvy, but he doesn't like fat. Ugh!

I guess I'm just so "large" that I was hoping to see "Bigger" women on there. Did anyone else watch the show?

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