Thursday, April 29, 2010

Biggest Loser

Oh what an episode!  I cried for 2 hours!  There were so many motivational moments during this episode.  You just have to watch it.  One point that is sticking in my head is from Michael, he said "it's the smallest changes that make the biggest difference".  I just need to take that to the street and start making my small changes.  So many moments had me thinking of myself, and when Sam and Koli went back to get the last lady walking the 5k just made the tears flood. 


And it's no secret that I heart O'neal.  That man is just AMAZING!  I had so many tears flowing when he got voted off.  :(  Sad to see him go.  He was such an inspiration.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Learn to Control Emotional Eating

I coudln't remember if I posted this article eariler or not.. so if I did, here it is again!  I struggle hard with this and can always use a reminder on how to conquer it.  Again, article from Jillian Michaels.  I promise I do get other educational information from more sources then Jillian Michaels! LOL, it's just so easy to post hers because it comes straight to my inbox!  Hopefully, I will start posting more then just Jillians stuff!

Let Go of the Trigger
Okay, go get your journal or log in to your online Fitness Diary. As promised, I'm going to start showing you how to break the cycle of emotional eating. Below are two questions. For a week, before you eat anything, whether it's dinner or a small snack, I want you to answer these two questions in your journal. By doing this, you'll begin to distinguish between real hunger and emotional triggers.

1. Are you hungry?
Are you experiencing any physiological conditions that are signaling to you that you are hungry? Is your stomach growling? Do you feel weak or tired? Has it been longer than three or four hours since you last ate? If you concentrate on answering these questions, it will be very easy to determine whether you are genuinely, physically hungry or whether you are eating for a different reason. If you've determined that you are hungry, then it's time to eat. If not, it's time for the next question.

2. Are you depressed or anxious?
Did you just get into a fight? Are you anxious about a work-related deadline? Whatever it might be, write down what you're feeling and why you think you're feeling it. Getting in touch with your emotions here is critical. If you can't, you're going to have an incredibly difficult time reaching your weight loss goals. Dig deep, and get it in writing

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bath & Body Work Coupon

Who doesn't love a Bath & Body Works Coupon!!!

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To the Greatest Woman of All!

Happy Birthday Mom!  I love you!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I feel like I'm on my blog all the time complaining about things.  Well here I go again.  I am so tired of my struggles. 

Again, I know people have it worse then me, but I am tired of it!  Right now I am so frustrated that we are having severe thunderstorm and the stupid digital tv won't keep a signal and I'm missing Biggest Loser!  I'm to poor to afford cable, my apartment has their own cable so we can't go out and get any good deals.  And it's not the fact that we are poor... I just can't manage money... but more on that later.

I love Biggest Loser, it's inspiring seeing everyone overcome their weight problems.  But what am I doing?  Sitting at home on my ass eating a pan of brownies or a birthday cake.  I sit and cry constantly that I need and want to lose weight.  And here I am watching a show about changing life and losing weight and I am shoveling horrible foods down my throat.  Biggest Loser just makes me feel like a huge loser. 

That brings me to my weight, that's a constant struggle.  I was born fat.  I grew up fat.  I grew up on McDonalds, Pizza and Fried Foods.  My favorite thing growing up... Fried Potatoes.  Mom would fix them with spaghetti.  Spaghetti hasn't been the same since I moved out.  I am poor so I have to eat the fast and cheap foods that are packed full of unhealthy junk and no good stuff.  I love food.  I love the taste, the smell, the look.  I love trying new foods.  I love eating... and it shows.  I have extra body parts and invented new body parts. I have extra thighs and arm wrinkles.  I've invented back boobs.

Money Struggles.  We all have them at one point in our life.  4 years ago, I fail victim to the joy and luxury of credit cards.  I bought every thing I wanted.  I bought my friends things and spoiled everyone at the holidays.  I traveled.  I lived.   Then the bills came in.  27 working an entry level office job didn't pay the bills. $49,000 in debt I filed for bankruptcy.  I learned my lesson.. so I thought.  Soon after my bankruptcy cleared, I started receiving credit card offers in the mail.  I applied.  Approved.  So the cycle repeats it's self.  Not as bad, thank god!  But all my cards are maxed and I lose my job.... then I lose my part time job.  I get unemployment checks.  I paid the minimum and blew the rest.  My mom warned me a couple times to save it all, but I didn't listen.   Once again, Mother was right.  And she knows it!  I get reminded of it weekly.  I love her to death, but I'm not one to have my problems rubbed in my face over and over... especially if I would have listened to her!  Mom is so supportive and loving and giving.  I lose my temper easily when things don't go my way and I start to get rude with her sometimes, and that isn't right.  I get my temper from my father.  Mother has been a life saver to me for so many years.  I feel guilty when I am rude and unthankful.  I love her to death and would be lost with out her.  I just need to learn to listen to her more often!  99% of the time she is right!  So thank goodness the job struggle has ended, but I still have the bills.  I can barely keep my head above water.  I'm drowning slowly.  After my husband gets paid on Friday, We will have $3 dollars to our name.  That doesn't include gas or groceries.  Not to mention that I am suppose to be going on vacation in less then 2 weeks. 

I know you may be asking, why are you going on vacation if you are in this situation!?  Well, my mother bought us all tickets for Disney World.  We have to go!  We just don't have money for anything else.  She gets so upset with me when I tell her that we only have money to eat crackers on vacation.  But it's true.  I try saving money.  It doesnt work.  I have it saved, I spend it.

I've been struggling with my relationship with my husband.  Both are nerves have been stressed to the max.  Every little thing we do drives the other one nuts.  I know we will work it out.  We sit down and talk daily about our struggles.  But it's so upsetting to know that we are so stressed out about our situations right now.  I chewed his head off because he spent $3.17 on some snacks for work.  Well, why did I chew his head off, it was only $3.17?  Because we were so tight on money that I only had $3 left in the bank.  That little snack ended up costing us $23.17.  Then I chew him out becuase his car takes so much money in gas every week.  I found out that instead of using our debit card, he's been putting it on a credit card. The card that I've been trying to slowly pay down!  Well I needed to fax some documents for my new job and at FedEx Office, you have to use a card to pay  (Which is a rip off, they charge $2.49 for one page and $1.49 each additional page!) I call for the balance and it's $2.80.  Seriously?! 

So of course I get all worked up, this causes a fight, and we don't talk for a few hours.  No worries, it's all worked out.  It's a double standard with me and money.  I see nothing wrong when I run out and buy lunch out or treat myself to a fountain drink, but get all angry when he does.  I guess it's because I know the money situation and when it's safe to spend it and he doesn't.  To be honest, I;m the reason we are having money troubles in the first place!

Taxes are another mess that I don't even want to get into.  My mom and I were spatting tonight because I told her that I would pay them as soon as I can.  She's told me 2 or 3 times about the payment information already this week.  I am stubborn and don't like to accept the fact that I screwed up and blew every penny we had. 

I know things are looking up for us and will get better.  I have been starting to put more trust in God and a few things have slowly turned around.  I need to put all of my trust in God and let him help and guide me through these struggles.  No worries, I won't go all God on everyone.  I know my beliefs and am comfortable expressing them when I feel need to praise and thank.  (Which brings me to another topic to blog about later!)

I hope everyone had a great Tuesday!

*sorry for any typos, i can't find spell checker on here!*


Interesting article on salt.  I was not aware that your intake should be no more than 2300 mg.  I've noticed that a lot of the healthy frozen meals have almost 500 or more!  And Soda.. wow.  I'm going to have to really pay attention to this!  I'm sure my feet would like me a lot better!

Salt shocker

By Helen Vong

As an active woman, you’re always trying to eliminate sodium from your diet – you certainly don’t want the side effects of high blood pressure, heart disease or potential weight gain that come with ingesting excess salt. To stay lean and healthy, your salt intake should be no more than one teaspoon per day (2,300 mg) – that’s the upper limit advocated by various agencies, including the National Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Medicine.

Sticking to this amount isn’t too difficult if you’re only eating fresh whole foods, but it’s not easy to abolish processed, packaged fare from your diet. Even clean eaters can be lured in by hidden sources of salt, which account for 77 percent of the sodium in the average American’s diet. While you do need some salt for basic bodily functions, you can unintentionally go over the limit if you eat too many of these sneaky sources of sodium:

Bonus tip: If you must have salt, choose sea salt, and add it to your meal after it’s cooked. Its well-rounded flavor can help you use 1/3 less than table salt.

Monday, April 5, 2010

A New Job Awaits

Well folks, I received another job offer.  This one, better then the other two.  This is the State Job!  I will be working Monday-Friday and 8-5!  Perfect!

I honestly didn't think I would get this job.  It was my shortest interview and I thought I did horrible!  I got the call on Friday while my husband and I were making a few returns.  I was so excited I started jumping up and down and pumping my arms.  All weekend I just kept thinking how I was amazed I got this job, in the back of my head, I keep hoping that they didn't get their candidates confused!

They are being thoughful and letting me go ahead on my vacation (which is coming up in a few weeks!) and I get to start on 4-26-10.   I can't wait!  I have enjoyed all the free time with my husband and dogs (and I'm going to miss them) and all the time I've got to spend doing whatever I wanted, but I am ready to work!

Here's Looking to the future!  have a happy Monday!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

KOTEX - Free Sample x 2 !!!

Walmart is offering a free sample of Kotex latest product, U.  Click here to get your free sample!  I trust Walmarts site and Kotex site with my personal information, plus I've always received the samples I've requested, unlike many sites out there!


You can also visit U by Kotex to sign up for a free sample from them as well!  Be sure to also print your $1 off coupon for U products.

Friday, April 2, 2010

20 Ways to Cut Calories

I onlyh disagree with one of these,  The Biggest Loser promotes drinking Milk, and in this article she is telling people not to drink it.... the rest of these tips are great!  I'm really gonna start trying the "Leave 3 bites"!

20 Ways to Cut Calories

Emily Fonnesbeck is the Registered Dietitian for the Biggest Loser Resort, and joins us today to share some must-have tips to help you manage calorie consumption and weight loss.

Chances are you have heard some of these suggestions before. But just because you have heard them, doesn’t mean you are actually doing them! Take a good hard look at what you are currently doing and decide where you can slash some calories. Some of these are easy as long as you are committed!

1. Quit drinking your calories. This includes milk, juice, alcohol, sweetened tea and coffee with sugar and cream. You’re quenching thirst with added calories.
2. Eat more often. That’s right, if you are going too long in between meals, you are probably overly hungry and eating too much.
3. Switch to leaner proteins. Poultry or fish instead of red meat. Skim or low fat milk and dairy instead of whole. Beans, legumes, nuts and seeds work well too!
4. Add in produce. Every time you eat, make sure it includes a fruit or vegetable. This will add volume and bulk without all the calories.
5. Go veg. Try to make two lunches and two dinners each week vegetarian. Meats can be high in calories, especially for the portion sizes that we currently eat. Case in point, 8 oz. of salmon (the size of fillet you would buy or order eating out) is 440 calories.
6. Substitute. Take original recipes and use this substitution list to lighten up family favorites.
7. Use lower calorie condiments. Try mustard, ketchup, canola or olive oil based mayonnaise, vinegar, light oil based dressings, worcestershire sauce, light soy sauce, hot sauce, lemon/lime juice, horseradish, salsa, relish, herbs and spices for added flavor without the calories. Order all condiments on the side when eating out.
8. Downsize. Use mini-bagels, pre-portioned yogurts, cheese or ice cream bars, order half size entrees or salads at restaurants and choose smaller fruits and vegetables at the grocery store. Look for easy ways to watch portions.
9. Ditch the sugar. Look for unsweetened or lower sugar fruits, cereals, granola bars, condiments, etc.
10. Leave 3 bites on your plate. You don’t have to finish it! And by starting with 3, you will realize that it is possible.
11. Go fresh. Eat the whole food instead of the processed version: an apple instead of applesauce, chicken breast instead of the chicken nugget, plain yogurt instead of flavored yogurts.
12. Bake lighter. Anytime you are baking, cut sugar by 1/2 and fat by 1/3 and you will still get good results.
13. Eat for volume. Start your meal with a broth based soup or a large salad. This will fill you up without adding calories.
14. Get adequate sleep. If you aren’t sleeping 7-8 hours at night, your Leptin hormone level may be lower resulting in weight gain. You’re also awake more hours, which means more hours to eat!
15. Stay hydrated. That way you won’t mistake hunger for thirst.
16. Eat at home. Meals eaten at home are much lower in calories, fat and sodium and higher in fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains.
17. Be picky. If you don’t like it, don’t eat it! Make sure it is worth it.
18. Be assertive. Don’t be afraid to order food the way you want it. Some examples: order meats grilled “dry” (without butter or oil), steamed veggies without butter, ask for whole grain options and order condiments on the side.
19. Be mindful. Quit nibbling on dinner before you eat it. Don’t take bites out of your kids’ food. Take the long walk around the office avoiding the candy dish.
20. Eat breakfast! Studies show you will eat less overall by starting with a healthy, balanced breakfast.

How to Boil that perfect Egg

This should be simple, a no brainer, however I never can get it right!  This year I am going to follow the directions and hope for those perfect boiled eggs!

Secrets to a Perfect Boiled Egg

Place eggs in a single layer in a saucepan. Cover with 1 inch of cold water. Cover pot and bring to boil. Remove pan from heat as soon as boil is reached. Let the eggs stand, covered, in the hot water about 15 minutes for large eggs (about 12 minutes for medium, about 18 for extra-large). Cool immediately in an ice-water bath.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Eggs

Wow I can't believe how fast this year is going!  Easter is this weekend!  I haven't even bought my eggs to dye yet!  I found these tips on Betty Crocker and thought I would share.  Enjoy!

Some fresh Easter Egg Decorating ideas to try:
Stripes Rubber bands of varying widths, placed tightly around the egg, will leave strips of the under-color after dyeing.

Wax-resistant patterns Have your kids use a crayon to create desired image on a hard-boiled egg. The wax will repel the dye when you dip it, leaving your design. Mom can then place the dyed, dried eggs on foil-lined, rimmed baking sheet in 250 degree oven for 10 minutes to melt wax. Remove the eggs, then carefully remove residue with paper towels.

Animals Create a bunny, hen, pig or even the family pet using the egg as the body and adding ears, tail, and so on. Pipe cleaners, yarn, paper cutouts, non-toxic markers and pompons will bring your critters to life.

Stencils Tape small stencils to the egg and brush or sponge-on some colorful designs.

Shell games Use hollowed-out eggshells if you'd like to save your decorations for future use. And don't let the egg insides go to waste. Enjoy them scrambled and topped with Old El Paso® salsa, add to Betty Crocker® Pound Cake Mix, or freeze them for another use.

Centerpieces For an eye-catching centerpiece, try layering eggs and Easter grass, lasagna-style, in a wide-mouth glass vase (a large tube or cube works beautifully). Eggstraordinary!

Be Egg-stra Careful: Egg Safety Handling Tips
"It's important to be safe and sanitary during fun springtime egg activities," says Cayla Westergard, director of Consumer Affairs at the Iowa Egg Council. Follow these guidelines:
• Wash your hands thoroughly before handling the eggs at every step, including cooking, cooling and dyeing.
• If you won't be coloring your eggs right after cooking them, store them in their cartons in the refrigerator.
• Don't cook or color cracked eggs. Discard them.
• Use food coloring or specially-made, food-grade egg dyes.
• Use non-toxic crayons, pens, paints, glue and other art supplies on any eggs you will eat later.
• When coloring the eggs, use water that’s warmer than the eggs, and refrigerate them in their cartons right after coloring them.
• Don't eat eggs that have been unrefrigerated for more than 2 hours.
• If using hard-cooked eggs as a centerpiece or decoration and they will be out of refrigeration for many hours or days, cook extra eggs for eating and discard the eggs that have been left out too long.
• Hiding hard-boiled eggs for your Easter egg hunt may introduce harmful bacteria. Consider using plastic eggs for this purpose if you plan on eating the real ones.
• About 1.5 percent of young children are allergic to eggs, which can cause skin irritation or anaphalaxis, according to the Food Allergy and Anaphalaxis Network (FAAN). To keep your affected youngster safe, have her decorate wooden eggs, available at craft stores, just like the real thing. Read labels on candy carefully to avoid stocking her basket with potential allergens. Children with an egg allergy can most certainly get in on the egg decorating fun at Easter, just not with real eggs. The FAAN recommends decorating plastic eggs with stickers, or painting or decorating wooden eggs with glitter, ribbons, or permanent markers. Another idea is to make paper maiche eggs, instructions are below. Other Easter-type activity ideas include hiding plastic eggs with coins, stickers, themed erasers, or even coupons for inexpensive activities such as movies, roller skating, etc. Easter baskets can be filled with small toys, coloring books, art supplies, or storybooks. The key to enjoying Easter for children with food allergies is to take the focus off of food.

Enormous Easter Eggs
If your child is allergic to eggs and cannot dye Easter eggs, consider the following alternate activity-the only danger is having too much fun!

For this activity you will need:
* Water
* Plaster of Paris
* Disposable squeeze bottle(s) with squirt cap
* Balloons
* Large bowl of water
* Sand paper
* Paints, ribbons, and other decorative materials
Pour 1 cup of water and then 2 cups of plaster of Paris into your squeeze bottle, screw on the squirt cap, and shake vigorously to mix. Attach the mouth of a balloon to the opening of the squeeze bottle. Holding the balloon, gently squeeze half the plaster mixture into the balloon. Tie off the balloon and place it in a bowl of water until plaster hardens (about 30 minutes). Repeat with another balloon.

One squeeze bottle of mixed plaster will make two large eggs. To make more plaster eggs, immediately rinse the squeeze bottle and squirt cap in a bucket of water before the plaster residue hardens, or you may dispose of the squeeze bottle and use a new one for subsequent eggs.Once the plaster has hardened, carefully cut away the balloon, and allow your giant "egg" to cure for several hours. Sand off any uneven parts, and allow your child to pain and decorate with acrylic paints, ribbons, buttons, or glitter as desired!