Thursday, November 26, 2009

Black Friday or Bust!

So I told myself that I was not going out on Black Friday. I looked online at the ads and didn't find anything I needed. 

Well that all changed today.  As I got to my Mom's house for Thanksgiving diner, she had the sale ads sprawled out across the table.  So as I stood there talking to Mom, smelling the wonderful aroma of Turkey, those sale ads kept calling out my name.  Before I knew it, I was at the dining room table browsing the ads. 

Altho I already made up my mind not to go... Black Friday is like a tradition... right?  I mean, I have to go... right?  No one really likes breaking a tradition... right?  I actually found a few things in the paper that I knew would make the perfect gift for a few family members.  So much to my husbands protest, the alarm is set for 4:15 am and our first stop is Walmart!  He went with me last year and witnessed a couple of fights breaking out in the TV section at Walmart.  I hope that doesnt happen this year!

Plan of Action:
Walmart, Old Navy, Bass Pro and Half Price Books. 

I hope everyone who ventures out tomorrow has a safe and fun Black Friday!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a quick note to wish everyone a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

I can't wait for today.  Turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce! Grandpa is visiting, Annual House Lighting, and Danny and I are getting our picture taken with Santa Claus!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hello From the Library!

Good Afternoon!  I decided to take a trip to the library today and use a fast internet!  I have been wanting to update my blog for so long... I've forgotten what I wanted to say!

Hmm... well I will start by saying that I finally went to the eye doctor and got contacts!  They are great!  I was a big squimish when it came to putting them in and taking them out.  "Just reach in and squeeze" is what the lady said...  the thought of squeezing my eyeball sent my stomach flipping.  I have to send a huge thank you out to Wendy for teaching me her little trick on taking them out.  It's so much easier then squeezing!  My husband also has to wear glasses now.  He is grumpy because now he feels old.  Nothing about his glasses says 'old'.  They are very attractive on him.  Cute simple wire frame from Fossil. 

I also have finished 2 more books.  Both by J.D. Robb.  I can't help it, I'm addicted to that series!  I finished off Glory in Death and Immortal in Death.  Both books just kept me hanging on.   I'm not good at book reviews, I feel they give away a lot of the story.  Especially with this series, it's all about a homicide detective named Eve Dallas solving crime.  It is a romance mystery so it also mentions her husband Roarke and their relationships.  I recommend the series.. actually that's the other reason I'm at the library.  I coudln't find the next book in the series "Rapture in Death" at any of the local book stores!

No new job leads yet.  I've been slowly looking.  I still have my part time job at the toy store.  I like it.  Very easy and great co-workers.  I have to go to a baby shower tomorrow for my friend Kristin.  She is 8 months prego and due the first week of Jan.  She is going to name her little boy Parker James.  Very cute.  I've already spoiled the little guy and he isn't even here yet!  

Is everyone ready for the holidays?  It's so hard to believe Thanksgiving is less then a week away.  I'm so ready for some turkey and cranberry sauce.  Then comes the mad rush of "Black Friday".  I don't think I will venture out this year.  I am pretty much done with my christmas shopping. 

Well my time at the library is just about up, so I'll sign off.   (It's so nice to use fast internet!)
Have a safe weekend!