Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'd Like for you to meet Biscuit!

So I haven't been blogging very much lately.  I use to be so big on looking at all the bargin websites and finding all those deals and steals... however, we moved a couple months ago and I realized that one individual does not need 12 bottles of shampoo and my husband does not need over 15 packages of razors! We have quite the collection of personal goods in our new bathroom. 

The other major reason for the lack of shopping and posting those good steals is that my husband and I found out on June 25th, that we were expecting our first child!  I'd like for all of you to meet Biscuit.

This was at 9 weeks and was our second ultrasound.  I have been diagnoised with PCOS (altho the only symptom I had was missed periods) and for the past couple of years my periods were not regular... they weren't even close to regular.  I've been batteling irregular periods my whole life, so when I missed my period, I didn't think much of it.  My Husband and I would take a test and the result was Negative... time and time again... negative. 

Well not on June 25th!  I went in thinking the result was negative... but to my surprise, that stick put up two lines so quick, I didn't even have to wait the 3 minutes.  My mouth dropped and excuse the language, but the first words out of my mouth was "Holy Sh!t". Then I asked my husband to get out the directions and check what two lines meant.  We coudln't believe it.  We were going to be parents.  We went out and bought 3 more test.  All came back positive! 

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mariehahn13 said...

It's sooooo exciting! :) I can't wait! :)