Monday, May 9, 2011

blog catch up: Olivia

Sunday, 12-5-10. Olivia was visited by her Grandma and Grandpa, Her Great Aunt Lucy, Norma, Clara & Uncle Kent. Olivia had to have one of her unbilicord IV's replaced because it came out. They tried to run it in her little hand, but it caused her hand to swell up very big. Olivia's oxygen levels are doing great! Her weight is down to 2.8, but the nurses say that all babies lose about 10% f their body weight after they are born.

Monday, 12-6-10

It is a sad day for me, I was discharged from the hospital and had to leave my baby. I know my baby is in great hands and they take wonderful care of her. I am so happy with the staff here at Saint Lukes. Olivia was visited by Grandma today. Grandma told her she loved her and she smiled. It was a tear jerker. Her oxygen is still doing great. She likes to wiggle and stretch her long arms and legs. Olivia also had her first poop Monday night. Yay! Olivia weighs 2.7 today.

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