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My Day Zero Project : 101 in 1001

I learned about this project from one of my daily blogs "Heather Drive". If you haven't read or seen Heather's blog, I highly recommend it. I don't see how the girl does all that she does, but I do find her to be an inspiration.

I read her ideas on the project and thought to myself that I needed something like that to help me get my life in order, something to help guide me and keep me focused and get things done. I tried keeping my 101 items reasonable and doable for me. It took me about a week to come up with 101 things. I could have easily made a list in about an hour, but money comes into play and the lack of free time for me and my husband/family. A few items on my list are simple, a few make me question my thinking and a couple things may be a big challenge, but I do hope they all get completed.
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Day one: August 19, 2009
Day one thousand and one: May 16, 2012
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Here is my list:

Family & Marriage
1. Get pregnant & have a healthy Baby (I found out I was pregnant on 6-25-10 and had olivia 6 months later;13 weeks early on December 4, 2010)
2. Date night with Danny once a month (7/33)
3. Kiss Danny every day (41/1001)
4. Cook a Candlelight dinner for Danny on our 2nd wedding anniversary
5. Have our picture taken with Santa (completed 11/25/09)
6. Have a picnic with Danny
7. My entire family’s picture taken at Disney World (completed April 2010)

Hitting the Road
8. Travel to 4 cities for a get a way (0/4)
9. Mardi Gras in St Louis or New Orleans
10. Go to Grandpa’s once a year (2/3)
11. Visit Joe & Family in Arizona

money, money, Money, MONEY
12. Deposit $$ into savings account after every paycheck (6/146)
13. Pay off Danny's Mazuma debt
14. Buy a House (May 17, 2011)
15. Buy a Laptop (completed 12-25-09)
16. Pay off Credit Cards (6/8)
17. Pay back Mom
18. Buy a sewing Machine
19. Buy a better Dryer  (completed 9/6/09)
20. Buy a better Washer (august 2009.. Thanks mom!)
21. Pay off Medical Bills (1/4)
22. Buy a headstone for Danny’s Parents
23. Repair Windshield Crack on Danny’s car
24. Buy TV for bedroom (june 2011)

Caring is Sharing
25. Donate money to the Homeless Animals every time I visit Pet Smart (20)
26. Donate toys every year to Toys for Tots (0/2)
27. Donate food every year to Harvesters (1/2)
28. Participate in the Angel Tree Program every year (1/2)
29. Donate my clothes to shelter or Big Brothers/Big Sisters once a year (1/3)
30. Donate Danny’s clothes to shelter or Big Brothers/Big Sisters once a year (1/3)
31. Send a Soldier a care package

32. Potty Train Jack
33. Teach Jack a new trick (Completed 9/7/09 Taught jack how to Shake)
34. Take Jack for a weekly walk (4/146)

It’s all about Me!
35. Lose 101 pounds
36. Change all my Maiden Name things to my Married Name
37. Get Contacts (completed 11/11/09)
38. Buy Designer Sunglasses (completed 9/12/09)
39. Watch the Boston Red Sox play against the Royals
40. Buy a Coach Purse
41. One “Tonya” day a month (7/33)
42. Whiten teeth every other month (3/16)
43. Pamper feet 3x a week (4/146)

It’s for the best
44. Walk 101 miles (3/101)
45. Walk 1 mile at a steady pace
46. Go to the dentist 2x a year (0/4)
47. No vending machine for one month (completed Month of October 2009)
48. Go one month and only buy the necessities (food, gas etc.)
49. Be on time to work 3x a week (1/146) since I was laid off, I am replacing this with:
49a. Find a Permanent Job (april 2010)
50. Take only healthy snacks to work 1 week a month (3/66)
51. Lay out Clothes for work 3x a week, every month (3/33)
52. No flip flops for one week during the summer (1/3)
53. Food Journal for one month
54. Learn to Hem Pants
55. No craft stores for one month (completed the month of December 2009)
56. Drink only water for one month
57. No soda for one month
58. No eating out one week a month (2/33)

Enjoy Life
59. Try a chocolate Martini
60. Attend a Native American Festival
61. Try 10 new restaurants (2/10)
      1. Granny's Fried Chicken (by the Legends)
      2. Five Guys Burger & Fries

 62. Visit Charlotte's Grave once a year (2/3)
63. Pass out Halloween Candy (completed 10-31-09)
64. Take Danny to Lunch at Cabella’s (completed some day in February 2010)
65. Scrapbook older pictures
66. Put all extra pictures into an Album
67. Put Honeymoon Scrapbook pages into an album
68. Bake & Gift Holiday Cookies to friends and family
69. Take Mom & Dad out to dinner, just because (completed December 2009)
70. Surprise mom with Flowers (completed October 2009)
71. Buy one lotto ticket a month (9/33)
72. Go to Movie Theater twice a year (1/6)
      1. New Moon
73. Email friends once a month (7/33)
74. Take a picture of a Tornado
75. Make my own Pottery
76. Read one new book a month (7/33)
      1. Judgement in Death 2. Naked in Death 3. Glory in Death 4. Immortal in Death 5. Naughty Neighbor  6. Twilight 7. Are you Ready -Bob Harper
77. Participate in the 100 words Photo project (2/100)
78. Learn to knit
79. Go to church every Sunday for one month

Around KC80. Go to the Zoo
81. Go to the Planetarium
82. Go to 3 local museums (0/3)
83. Go to the Winery (Completed March 4, 2010)
84. Take a carriage ride on the Plaza

Lets get it together!
85. Organize the Bathroom (june 26, 2010)
86. Organize the Scrapbook area
87. Organize Kitchen Cabinets
88. Organize Closet
89. Turn spare bedroom into a “bedroom/office” instead of a storage room
90. Switch Couches
91. Clean Jeep once a month (8/33)
92. Update information on Passport
93. Delete Twitter (completed 8/21/09)

In the Kitchen
94. Put together Recipe Book
95. Learn to make a pie
96. Make a cheesecake
97. Take a cake decorating class
98. Plan out Dinner meals for one week, every month (4/33)
99. Try one new recipe a month (4/33)

The 101 List
100. Save $5 for every item completed (5/101)
101. Inspire someone to make a 101 list (1/1)  (Completed 8/19/09)

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mariehahn13 said...

I love your list! I'll be doing mine soon (I'm the inspiration, I think! lol) so be looking for it.

I know you'll be able to do it! :)