Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hello Fall!

Sweaters, colorful leaves, bonfires, marshmellows and pumpkins!

What's not to love? Especially the pumpkins! I love Pumpkins! My cat Spikes nickname is even Pumpkin! I love the color, the smell, the taste, the starbucks pumpkin spice coffee! Normally I am not a big "starbucker" but when they bring out the pumpkin spice coffee i just can't resist blowing that $5 bucks. Oh and lets not forget pumpkin pies and coolwhip!
I decided I wanted to go enjoy the beginings of fall so Danny, jack and I loaded up in the Rondo and hit the road. We ended up at Shawnee Mission Park. The trees haven't really started to change yet but the deer were out! Wow did we see the deer! I beleive we seen about 80 that night. I took my nieces and nephews back to the Park on Saturday and we counted 115 deer. Wow! Up next... 30!

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