Sunday, October 12, 2008

Help I Can't See!

Well I've been wanting some new glasses... but I didn't want to have to get them this way! Jack, our adorable boston terrier puppy, got his little paws on my glasses. It's probably a good thing Danny found my glasses before me! After straining half the day to see, I slapped on some duct tape on the ear piece and went to Eye Masters. ( After the duct tape i realized I am truely a redneck's wife. :) however the dog had also gotten ahold of the duct tape and there was a million little holes in it so it woudln't roll out. Blurry vision, holes and chew marks in the lenses and duct tape ear piece, I finally made it to the mall. 2 hours later I finally leave with a new pair of eye glasses. I'm so thankfull for the person who invented one hour eye glasses.

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