Monday, November 15, 2010

Baby Shower Games

I know I'm not suppose to plan my own baby shower, but I'm excited to play games!  I played this game at one of my friends baby showers and everyone had so much fun.  It's a basic Match Game and you get Candy for the prizes!!!  What's better then Candy?!

If you're hosting a baby shower, you want to have creative games that work for both the younger and older crowd. One simple game that will get everyone involved is the Match Game. First, create a list of pregnancy related terms. To make this game even more enjoyable, come up with prizes that go along with the terms. Here are some examples you can use, with prizes.

1. Conception - Skor
2. Father - Big Hunk
3. Umbilical Cord - Rope Licorice
4. OBGYN - Mr. Goodbar
5. Poopy Diaper - Raisinets
6. Midnight Feeding - Milky Way
7. Bottle - candy bottle
8. Pacifier - Ring Pop
9. Baby talk - Snickers
10. Pregnancy Forgetfulness - Watchamacallit
11. Hemorrhoids - Hot Tamales
12. Anesthesiologist - Lifesavers
13. Baby Names - Baby Ruth
14. Doctor Bill - 100 Grand Bar
15. Twins - M&Ms

There are plenty of other pregnancy and baby related terms you could use. Be creative with your prizes.
Get a big piece of cardboard that you can have someone hold or lean against a wall or couch. Use 3x5 cards or thick paper to put the terms on. In big, readable letters write or type the terms on cards. Remember to make two of each word or phrase. If you use 16 terms, that's 32 cards. On the back of each card, put a number. Make sure it's large enough for everyone to read. Tape the cards in numerical order onto the board. If you have 32 cards, you can do a grid of eight across, four down.

When you're ready to play, make sure you have your list handy so you know what prize goes with each match. Go around the room and have a person pick two numbers. Show each card and read the terms aloud. If it's a match, take the cards off the board and give the person their prize. Keep going around the room until all the matches are found.

Other Candy ideas are:

•Daddy at conception (answer: Big Hunk)
•The conception (Skor)
•Pregnant belly (Chunky)
•Choosing baby's name (Whatchmacallit)
•Girl's name (Baby Ruth)
•Twin boys* (Mike and Ike)
•Contractions* (Now and Later)

Labor and Delivery
•Hospital address (5th Avenue)
•Late to hospital (Rocky Road)
•Anesthesiologist (Mr. Goodbar)
•Epidurals* (Life Savers)
•Delivery doctor (Butterfinger)
•Labor and delivery nurses* (Sweet Tarts)
•Daddy during delivery* (Bonkers)
•Umbilical cord* (Twizzlers)
•Hospital nursery*(Cry Babies )
•Hospital bills (100 Grand)
•Hospital accountants* (Nerds)

Your baby's first days
•Seeing your baby* (Tear Jerkers)
•Premie* (Runts)
•11 pound babies* (Whoppers)
•Swashbuckling triplets (3 Muskateers)
•Chunky baby* (Rolo's)
•Breast engorgement (Mounds)
•Postpartum tummy* (Jelly Belly)
•Breast feeding (Milky Way)
•Grandparents* (Sugar Daddies)

Bringing your baby home
•Time alone (Zero)
•Mommy's lunch (Take 5)
•Mommy's sleep time (Fast Break)
•Baby giggles (Snickers)
•Diapers, formula, medicine (Payday)
•Dirty diaper* (Milk Duds)
•Lullabyes (Symphony)
•Love my baby* (Hugs and Kisses)
•Teething (Crunch)
•Daycare* (Sugar Babies)
•Baby's intelligence* (Smarts)
•Your new baby (Treasures)

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