Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hello 6 Months!

I haven't been very good at keeping up with my blog.  I guess if I had a bigger following I would be better at it. :)  I suppose if I did a better job, I might get a bigger following lol.

I am officially 6 months now.  Things are going great.  Being pregnant for the first time, I am such a worrier!  It never bothered me that I coudln't feel the baby, prior to actually feeling it.  Now that the baby moves a lot, I worry when I don't feel it!  I worry if I am smooshing the baby, if my size is limiting the ability for the baby to move as much as needed.  I worry about the dogs and when they jump up to tell me hello and snuggle close at night. I worry about driving, going out in the weather and doing everyday house chores. 

We went 2 weeks ago to determine the babys sex.  I don't know about the rest of you, but dang those sonograms hurt!  I end up with bruising on my lower stomach.  I think they have to push so hard to get through all my "excess padding".  Ouch!  The baby is growing great, the heartbeat is 150-152.  The baby was sucking on it's four fingers and you could see the mouth moving.  Noice how I keep saying Baby and It's?  That's because the little one was sitting indian style and not showing anything!  That made me chuckle, my baby is part Native American!  And it shows that it has his daddys stubborness!

We are schedule to go back and have a Level 2 ultrasound soon.  I told my husband that it would be ok to be a surprise, however he is dieing to buy baby stuff and just has to know!

We have officially decided on a boy name and a girl name.  That will be a secret until a later day.

I hope everyone is doing fantastic and enjoying this wonderful fall weather.  Happy Football Day!

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