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February 2011 Olivia Updates

Saturday, February 5, 2011 7:15 PM, CST
Sorry that is has been a few weeks since my last update. Danny & I have been busy preparing the apartment for Olivia's arrival. We've been trying to declutter and make room for all her toys. She also has been doing very well. She is officially off of oxygen and eating from a bottle! She is also off of Caffeine. They had to add thickener to her formula to help her learn to eat and they are starting to transition her to the formula she will go home on, Similac Neosure. She is 9 weeks old today and weighs 6 pounds 14 ounces.

I cried tears of joy when I watch my baby girl take her first breath with out any help. It was so amazing, she has come so far. She had to be put back on the 1 litter cannula about 4 days ago because she was having several d-sats. She perked right up the next day and was taken off of it.

She is also doing fantastic with her bottle feeding. She has to take all 8 of her feedings by bottle for 48 hours prior to her coming home. The doctors were shooting for her to come home on Feb 10.

That changed a little as of yesterday. Olivia had a very rough afternoon and evening. She kept having d-sat after d-sat and brady after brady. The scariest was after she ate and was all snuggled up with Danny. Her alarm went off and in a matter of seconds a nurse was sweeping Olivia off of Dannys chest and vigorously stimulating her to make her breathe again. She went to a gray/blue color and as limp as a noodle in seconds. It was the scariest thing ever. After they got her to breath again she kept having d-sats and the nurses had to put oxygen back on for a while. The doctor ran blood test last night and started her on 48 hours of antibiotics to be on the safe side in case she was catching a "bug".

The results came back today and the doctor said everything looked normal. After reviewing her charts, she noticed Olivia had her two month Vaccinations yesterday just prior to all of this happening. She believes this was the cause to her crashing yesterday. Her little body was so exhausted from those shots that she just was to tired to remember to breathe.

Olivia had a fantastic day today. She didn't require any extra oxygen, she is taking all her bottles and is having few d-sats and no bradys. God was watching over my precious baby girl yesterday. 

Monday, March 7, 2011 3:56 PM, CST

Where do I start?? I guess I have the whole month of February to catch up on!

I wish I would have kept up on the dates of things so this would be easy to keep up on... but I'll just lay it out for ya from the begining of the last post.

Olivia is starting to drink from the bottle every feeding now and is having good weight gain. She has to take all her feedings for 48 hours before she gets to go home. Olivia is also moving to "another" room. The NICU is expecting Quads so they are kicking us out of the room. Our new roommate is Eliana.

Olivia had a step back around the end of the first week of February and had to be put back onto the nose cannula for a day and had a brady. They are treating her for possible infection and running tests to see why she took steps back. All test came back negative. We met with the ocupational therapist, Cindy, again. She is having us thicken her formula to help her swallow and learn control of her bottle. It seems to be working.

Our 7 day countdown to go home is on! She is breathing on her own with no help and is taking all her feedings. she is now on Neosure formula, she will go home on this. Oy makes her very,very gassy. Olivia received her two months shots. The shots didnt' go over so well with Olivia. She had a brady and an Apnea. She was sleeping in daddys arms, the alarms barely dinged and she went blue and limp very fast. The nurses rushed in and had to give her the "bag" (oxygen) and really had to rough her up to get her to start breathing on her own. Let me tell you, that was the scariest thing. I was more scared then, then when she was younger. she had a couple more bradys that night. our countdown starts over.

olivia had a good week. she is scheduled to go home on the 11th. on the 9th olivia passed her car seat with flying colors. Thursday morning she had had an eye exam and everthing looked good. minutes after her eye exam she had a brady and apnea that required stimulation. One day to go and we have to start over. Danny and I had reacged our breaking point that day. We finally voiced our complaints and concerns that we had built up inside for so many days. Including getting a new room. We had personal conflicts with her roommates mother and how she felt she was better then everyone and how she acted like her daughter was the only one on the NICU. Her daughter was there just a little longer then Olivia.

olivia had a video swallow gram done on the 11th. We finally have answers to all these bradys and apnea. Oliva was asperating regular and necter consticancy formula. She is now on honey consistancy. We have special gel thickener to put in her formula. The FINAL countdown is on. Olivia did fabulous her kast week in the NICU. She did get another roommate, Kazdyn. He is a quite boy. I was a little disappointed that we didnt have any of her favorite nurses taking care of her the last day. Infact we had nurses we've never had before.

the 16th, The rooming in was fun. she was all ours for the night... with nurse assistance if needed.

Februry 17, 2011. day 7 is here. she made it. 75 days later, she is a NICU graduate. she weighs 7 pounds 10 ounces and is 19.5 inches long. Gead circumfrence is 36.5 cm. we tucked her into her carseat, put her in the NICU wagon and waved goodbye. im sitting here holding her trying to type with one hand and tears fill my eyes. its still hard to believe she is finally out of St Lukes. I owe them everthing i have, they saved my daughters life. My miracle. "its amazing how 2 pounds can change your life "          

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