Sunday, July 24, 2011

Olivia Updates

Over the past couple months, I have really slacked on keeping updates on Olivia.  Here we are in July and I haven't had updates since February.

Olivia will be 8 months the first part of August.  She is slowly learning to crawl and makes lots of sounds.  She is trying so hard to make words.  She weighs 16 1/2 pounds.  I know full term babies that way less then she does at this age!  What can I say, she is like her mama and loves food.  She sleeps well. She wakes up about one time a night.  She can't get enough of her Gar and Papa and cousins.  I'm so happy she has a love for people and hasn't had any "stranger danger" experiences.  I guess being in the NICU with tons of different people a day may have played a big part in that.

Olivia is using a service called Tiny K.  Tiny K is a state program that helps families out with the growing and development of children.  Olivia is almost 8 months, however being born 3 months early, we have to adjust for that time.  Tiny K makes sure she is meeting the requirements of a 4-5 month old instead of a 7-8 month old.  We are still working on sitting on her own.  She almost has it down.  She can also hold her bottle on her own... when it's close to empty.   I'm just so proud of her accomplishments.  She's my world and I love her so much!!!!

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