Saturday, November 26, 2011

Article: Start Losing Weight Today!

I have been saying for months "I am going to lose weight", "today is the day", "I'll start tomorrow".  Tomorrow hasn't arrived yet.  I find every excuse to not do it.  I need to, I'm killing myself.  I Have a goal to lose 30 pounds by my daughters first birthday, well that's next week and I don't see that happening, unless I cut off my foot! 

Anyway, I do read articles about weightloss and diets and food and all that jazz, and I wanted to share this one with you.  I actually got it from my work, they are all about making my us "healthy".  I've gotten some good pointers and suggestions and will be posting them as I feel worthy.


Start Losing Weight Today!
Five things you can do now to make this plan work for the long-term. by Heather Zeitz, R.D., C.D.N.

When you start a new weight-loss plan, you need to go step-by-step. Don't overwhelm yourself with too much information or high expectations. If you want to keep the weight off for good then this is a long-term commitment.
But you do want to use your energy and excitement to get yourself on the right track. Below are five things you can do right now that can help you have success. You can do this!
Step One: Set Your Goal
One of the keys when making any change is to have a clear goal.
Long-term goal: What's your ideal goal weight? Establish a healthy, achievable and sustainable weight-loss goal with our Diet Manager tool. You'll get a personalized meal plan, an on-line journal, and quick tips to help you reach your goal. Check in a few times a week!

Short-term goal: Now look at the next six weeks and decide on a realistic starting point. A good short-term goal would be to lose five pounds through the first six weeks. Remember, it's important that your short-term goal be achievable!
Step Two: Learn the Basics on Calories
Many diet plans have complicated formulas and ratios. But the basics of weight loss are simple:

Consume less, burn more: To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume. Our plan will help you be satisfied on fewer calories, while encouraging you to stay active and burn more calories.
Step Three: Choose Your Foods Wisely!
Learn portion control: Identify any foods that you're more likely to overeat. Common problem foods include: ice cream, cakes, cookies, full-fat cheese, pizza and red meat. Cut back on these first. Read labels carefully and watch how much goes on your plate. Remember these tips to help visualize your portions:

  • 1 cup is about the size of a baseball.
  • 1/2 cup is close to the size of a computer mouse.
  • A deck of cards is equal to about 3 oz. of protein.
Pick healthy favorites! Now for the fun part. Find healthy foods that you can substitute for your high-calorie favorites. Pick foods you like! Your meal plan (which you can access from your Diet Manager) will give you ideas.
Write them down! Start recording your eating habits in food journal. This is a proven strategy for weight loss. Use our Progress Tracker to record your foods online or just use a notepad. Stick with it!
Feel full on fewer calories! If you fill your plate with lean protein-rich foods, fruits, vegetables and whole grains, you'll feel more satisfied. Soups are a great example of a food that can fill you up on fewer calories. "Several studies show that soup eaters end up weighing less than non-soup eaters," says Penn State nutrition professor Barbara Rolls, Ph.D.
Step Four: Make a Plan to Exercise
Make it easy: To make your plan work you have to get moving! Identify at least three exercises you can do easily and conveniently.

Schedule it: Get specific about exactly when you will add activity. Decide now, write it in your calendar or planner and stick to it.

Step Five: Get Support
You're much more likely to keep to this plan if the people around you are supporting it.

Talk about it! Speak with your friends and family and let them know about your goals. See if they'll agree to help by giving you positive encouragement along the way. Find a partner! Even better, see if you can find someone to join you as a fitness buddy. You can help each other stick with it!

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