Sunday, November 27, 2011

1st Birthday Party Planning

I've been thinking about Livi's first birthday since she came home from the hospital.  Her birthday is less then a week a way and I still don't have it done/planned!  I just placed her cake order with KlassyKakes KC I can't wait to see the final product.  We are doing a Minnie Mouse theme with hot pink and Zebra decorations.  I ordered a cute banner from an Etsy seller.  Balloons are a must, but what else do I need?  Olivia can't have a lot of party guest due to her BPD and her lungs are still damaged from her being a preemie.  It's easy for her to catch colds and get RSV, which can turn deathly in infants, especially preemies.

Do I plan games?  Do we have snacks? Do I give party favors?  Off to the internet I go to get some tips.  Here's what I got from AmazingMom.

When should I have my party?
  • Keep the party short 1 to 1-1/12 hours is about the most a one year old can handle without getting over stimulated and possibly cranky.
  • Schedule around nap times. Late morning, allows for a morning nap or late afternoon to allow for an afternoon nap.
  • Weekend parties usually work better for parents and other adults.
How many guest should I invite?
  • Most first birthday parties are for the adults in your child's life (family and friends). Invite the most special friends and relatives.
  • Keep it to a manageable number of guests for you and your space. Keep in mind, that you will be caring for your little one at the same time.
  • If you intend to invite other babies or toddlers 1- 3 guests is ideal with a maximum of 5.
  • Parents of little ones should be included as guests so they can assist their children and you if necessary.
Should I serve food?
  • Although it is not necessary to provide a meal, finger foods are always nice. Especially with babies.
  • Check with ALL parents regarding food allergies and safety. Keep packaging fun but safe.
What else should I keep in mind?
  • Be flexible! All parents know that children and their behaviors are not predictable. Un-scheduled rests, tears, accidents etc. are to be expected at a baby's first birthday. Just relax and go with the flow.
  • To help you be flexible...arrange for help from a reliable friend or family member who can watch your child or entertain while you change a diaper, pick up a spill etc.
  • If you plan on having children at the party keep plenty of toys and activities available to keep them occupied.
  • Baby-proof the party space.
  • Parents are often looking for a healthy alternative to the standard, birthday cake for their baby's first cake.
Wish us Luck!

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