Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Good Car News!

We've finally came to a deal! Yippee! Dan and I will have to pay very little on whats left over on our car loan with it's all said and done. My Insurance is Geico, props for them. They have answered my calls and questions so promptly. Allstate (the other dudes insurance) has sucked. No return calls, it's taken 3 weeks to get it finished. Maybe i'm just rude and impatient... yes i know i am... but still! If you promise to return calls... do it! The other thing that pissed me off... they towed the car off yesterday (monday) and we made an agreement for it to be towed off on wednesday so I would have time to get all my stuff out of it! I have no $$ for the car, no letter stating i would get money for the car... I am not happy! LOL. My mother was able to take care of getting my belongings back for me today. God Bless her, I dont know what I'd do without her. So in the meantime, I'm trying to get ahold of Allstate to find out why the car was towed 2 days early and why I haven't received anything about it yet. . . (just smile and breathe tonya smile and breathe)

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