Thursday, February 26, 2009


So i've been scrapping on and off for about 7 years now and i have only completed one albulm.. not to mention i'm not very creative with it. Most of my pages look plain and simple. My cousin marie is starting to get into it and has given me some good ideas. I have so much scrap junk that it's eating me out of my little kitchen i work in. What's bad is that i spend probably about 40-50 dollars each time i go to the craft store! Im not catholic, but since it yesterday was ash wednesday, i think i'm going to climb aboard this year and pledge to not go to any craft stores! Then maybe I can use all that i have and save money at the same time! Below are a couple scrap pages I recently did... you'll see how plain they are... One is a section of my Bachelorette party, the other is for my beach pictures. I did a plain page for my rehearsal dinner page but it's blurry.

Breaks up, back to work i go. Toodles!

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mariehahn13 said...

Oh, your pages are great! Sometimes simple is better :)

I love the bachelorette page!!!