Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kenny.. Kenny.. Kenny

My love for Kenny Chesney is no secret. I tease Danny that Kenny is my first Husband. lol. silly yes. I've been to about 5-6 concerts of his now.

Anyway, Kenny presale is going on now and I have so much excitement I can't stand it... but at the same time i'm trying not to shed tears becuase of ticket prices. Of Course tickets are advertised for $20... but those are a few select seats in the nose bleed section. And if anyone has ever been in the Sprint Center, they know that one must not have a fear of heights in that building. And one must also have no hips or thighs to sit in the upper level seats! Not sure why they are smaller up there, but they are! And this is Kenny we are talking about, I refuse to sit far away. So that leaves me to purchase lower lever or floor seats = $89 a ticket. Being 5foot6 with floor seats at a country concert has no advantages. If being short isn't bad enough, then you have to try and see around all the dang cowboy hats! Now, don't get me wrong, i love a county boy... heck my husband sports his black cowboy hat and boots very well. but put a country concert in the city and every one pretends to be a cowboy. I guess it's their special time to play dress up. I say if you are county you are country all the time. like my husband... he wears his hat and boots everywhere, it's not just a front for a concert. people crack me up. SO back to the original complaint.. $89 bucks for a ticket! in this economy? COME ON KENNY! not like you dont make enough money as it is. And on top of the $89 there is about $20 in service charges and tax. I never thought i'd say this.. but kenny isn't worth that much money...

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