Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Go Ron!

Wow, what a show! I couldn't believe that they all finished their marathon! What an accomplishment. The tears fell when Ron walked across the finish line. His heart and determination make him such a competitor. Once again I am sad that it comes down to Ron & Mike. I am not a big fan of Tara or Helen. Tara cries to much and Helen seems like a whiner. I'm sure if I was on the show I'd be whining and bawling my butt off. I'm a whimp! I love Ron, he's such a determined man and stuck true to his word to Kristin. Part of me wants to vote for Ron becuase I dont think Mike has enough to beat Tara. So if Ron goes to the finals, then Mike would almost be a sure win for the at home winner. I'm torn! lol. I'm sad this show is at an end.
Who do you think will win it all? Tara? Helen? Mike or Ron?

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