Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Things change in a Blink of an eye

I've always heard how fast things can change with just a blink of an eye... now I have finally witnessed it. On Thursday I got word that my hours at work will be reduced to part time. Ouch! On Friday my direct supervisor was laid off... and she just had a baby.. Ouch!

I know I need a new job, however I don't have a degree. So that means that all of my years of experience goes out the window and I will most likely have to start back at entry level. I'm in the recruiting/staffing business so I know how this all works. And it's more difficult because I have a non-compete. So therefore I can't work for any staffing/recruiting agency within this area. My last 10 years have been recruiting and now I can't get a job in what I am skilled in!

On a good note, it frees up time for me and my husband to spend together! And I can't work on cleaning and organizing, home projects, and being able to have some "me" time!

OH, and... My husband got word that their warehouse is full and they might have to stop production on a few shifts. Oh how I pray they don't select his shift!

I hope everyone had a good Mother's day and weekend!


Gene said...

I know a good non compete lawyer if you are interested.

mariehahn13 said...

Just hang in there... I know it's scary and tough, but remember that God will never give you a mountain that you can't climb! I know things will work out the way they're supposed to :)

I love you! Keep your head up :)

Tonya said...

Thanks Gene and Marie.
I'll keep that in mind Gene, I've considered going back to school since I have the whole afternoon off now.