Tuesday, September 8, 2009

101 list update!

I was able to accomplish a few more items on my list and wanted to share.

#19.  On September 7th, I purchased a slightly used dryer from my friend Nancy.  Our old dryer was so horrible that we had to cycle it twice on the maximum minutes allowed to dry one small load.  I'm sure it was also costing us a lot on our electric bill.  The new one drys in 30 minutes!

#33.  I have been working with Jack on a new trick, and he finally has caught on!  I was so excited when he shook my hand for the first time!  He got double treats that day.  We've been practicing daily and it's paid off.  Way to go my baby Jack!

#49. Is being substituted, I am being laid off so that goal becomes unrealistic for me to reach, so I added #49a - Find a Permanent Job.

I've been accomplishing my daily, monthly and weekly goals as well, and I just finished my first book.

#76. I read "Judgment in Death" by Nora Roberts writing as J.D. Robb. I liked this book, to my surprise I read it in a week. Usually it takes me months to read a book. I believed they called it a "romance thriller?" I guess it was. There was romance and killing involved. At times the book was very detailed, a bit more detailed then what I was comfortable with reading it at my second job. I’m not big on book reviews because I feel they give away too much of the story line, but here is just a brief glimpse into the book.
The story is based in 2059, New York. A female Homicide detective by the name of Eve Dallas sets out to find a cop killer. The End. :) That’s all you get from me.
However I did enjoy the book, it kept me interested, and I plan to read more from the J.D. Robb "In Death" series.

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