Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Take this job and shove it... I ain't working here no more"

Well... it's sorta like that.  Last Wednesday I got word that I will be getting laid off in September.  My boss hopes to keep me the whole month, but says she isn't for sure when my last day will be. 
This news was very upsetting to me, I seen it coming for a long time, but honestly thought the company was starting to do better.  I am glad I received notice and wasn't just kicked right out the door.  I've been here for eight years.. eight long years,  and honestly I'm not sure how I made it that long.  A new Owner came in two years ago and things got much better (working wise).  Unfortunately, the economy slipped and so did my company.  When corporations aren't hiring, they surely aren't going to use a Placement/Staffing company for hiring. 
Bad news is most places want someone with a degree.  I talk to my friends and they feel that their degree is just a very expensive piece of paper.  Other down side of this is the money companies are paying.  It's like starting all over again.. at the bottom... especially with out that $50k piece of paper.
I am thankful that I was able to pick up a part time job with the toy company.  That will help out some.  Some is better then none right?
So back to my song... "Take this job and shove it, I ain't working here no more"... does anyone else find it hard to focus and produce work when they know it's for someone else's benefit?  Every candidate I find and get a job, I get nothing from it.  So I find it very hard to sit here and work when I know I'm getting the axe soon... So... If anyone in the KC area is hiring... I'm right here!! 

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