Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A day of Rambling

Hello Tuesday!  I love long weekends and short work weeks!  How was everyone's weekend?  Do anything exciting or catch up on some much needed rest? 

I spent Saturday running errands and doing a little shopping.  I was able to purchase two wedding shower gifts, part of a baby shower gift, 2 pool rafts (for a $1 at TJ MAXX) a new out fit for Danny for our vacation - for under $10 (Gotta love Kohl's!) and treats for Jack! 

Sunday, I experienced Pizza Shoppe and their "Pink Stuff" salad dressing with Nancy and Marie.  (Thank you Nancy for Lunch, you didn't have too) And spent the afternoon with Marie looking for a new craft project/hobby.  We ran across Pottery Playland, which seems to be a fun idea, and can be part of "make my own pottery" on my 101 list, however all you do at Pottery Playland is paint the already made pottery.  I'm not sure that counts as make your own pottery..? Then we went to a couple different Michael's.  I was able to come up with an inexpensive -do it yourself- present for the Aunts and possible my grandparents.  Money is going to be very tight for me and my husband this holiday season, so I'm trying to knock out as much as I can while I still have a few extra $$$ to spend.  Michael's sales these adorable mini bread loaves that are ceramic and seasonally decorated and colored.  Now I just need to practice making bread.  Does anyone have a good recipe?

With the mentioning of holiday season, that means I first must survive "Birthday Season".  What is Birthday Season?  Well my friends... Birthday Season is two weeks away and starts with my niece Adrieanne the end of September, everyone else's birthdays fall in the month of October and it ends with my Father the first part of November. Then 2 weeks to stop and breathe and it's Holiday season.  :)  My Mom, Danny, and Braydon are the only ones who have birthdays outside of "birthday season".  And during this years birthday season, I have 2 bridal showers and 2 weddings to attend. 

So now we are at Monday, Lazy Monday.  I went to my Cousin's bridal shower.  It was a good time, the weather was perfect for an outdoor shower.  Her fiance is Native American and they served Indian Tacos, which were very yummy.  My husband was very jealous when I told him what I got to eat.  We played games, I was able to win one.. yay!  I received a good smelling "cherry" scented candle and a CD of Brule'.  Brule' is a Native American band that my cousin's fiance plays in.  If you have a moment, go check out their site and music, it's very fascinating.
After the shower I had to stop by Walmart and pick up some cat food... why I just couldn't remember when I was out Saturday or Sunday.. While I was there, I couldn't help but notice all the Clearance Stickers!  *i'm addicted to Clearance Stickers!*  I was able to pick Danny up 2 tops for $2 bucks (he ruins shirts so quickly at his job, $2 was a steal!)  I got my niece a Bikini for $3 and a cute shirt for $3.  I think I'll save the Bikini for Christmas (we are going on vacation soon and I planned on getting the kids items they can use on vacation.. other words I would never dream of getting her a bikini for Christmas lol)  I think that was about it for me.

Wow what a bunch of rambling!  Anyway, I hope everyone had a good weekend!

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