Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Job Interview

Today was my first job interview in 8 years.  I have a part time job and have been on interviews for it and others, however they basically just want to make sure you'll work the schedule and show up.  They don't ask technical questions and questions that will make you think. 

I'm a staffing recrutier and finding people jobs is my job. You'd  think that in the industry that I'm in, I would be good at interviewing and writing a resume... well I'm good at telling people how to interview,  just not good at taking the advice!

Today's interview was over the phone, since this is the first one in eight years, I was nervous... and it showed.  I spoke quickly in my answers.  I was unsure if what I was answering was the right thing to say.  My allergies were acting up, so I had a stuffy nose.   And to make things worse, over 500 people applied for this job.  Part of me thinks I'm just over reacting and the other part wants to cry.  This is a fantastic opportunity and I feel like I let it slip through my fingertips.

We will find out in two weeks if I get call back for a 2nd interview.  **keeping my fingers crossed** 

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