Monday, May 3, 2010

Tonya, you just got a job, where will you go?... I'm going to DisneyWorld!

Family Vacation! What an experience! It was me, my husband, mom, dad, brother, sister n law, and their 4 kids. We all flew to Tampa and traveled east to Orlando to spend 8 wonderful days there! Thank you mom for the tickets!

I had a fabulous trip, despite a few family members being jerks 90% off the time. I had my moments when I would lose it and get hateful, but that was only because of someone else being a rude buttface. My poor mother just wanted us to all have fun, and all we did was bicker. Don’t get me wrong, we had a lot of fun, but the bickering was too much. No one could agree on what to do, and when someone decided, it wasn’t what someone else wanted to do. Pretty much, I felt like we did what my brother wanted to do.

I did have a fabulous time though. It was so nice to get away from it all. Especially knowing I had a job to come home too! Unemployment had ran out and we were very LOW on money, so it came at a perfect time. *Side Story: 5-6 years ago, the same situation happened with my father. He got laid off from his job of 29 years. He applied and interviewed at several places. His unemployment ran out. The good Lord was looking out for my family. The radio station was giving away a trip for 4 to Orlando. My whole family, heck the whole city, had been trying to win these trips. I can’t remember if it was one trip a day, or one trip a week, they were giving away, but anyways, it was the very last trip, I was sitting at work at 8am, and they played the magical touchtones, I tried and tried to win it for my family, no luck. Just then my work phone rings and my it’s my dad. He starts a casual conversation asking me if I got in on the radio, and Moms voice came on air. She was the correct caller! She wont the trip to Disney! Dad was trying to make sure I was listening to the radio with out giving it away. Oh it was so exciting. (A side note, when the radio stations had money, they gave away trips and concerts and prizes all the time. Mom is the luckiest person I know, she also won a trip to Hawaii from this same radio station!) Just shortly after, Dad got a call and a job offer. Thank you God. So we are off to Florida and Dad has a job when he gets back. Pretty much the same situation with me 5 years later.*

We experienced, Disney, Orange Groves, Kennedy Space Center, M&M world and Gators! Driving to Kennedy Space Center we saw Gators just chilling on the side of the road in some little watery swamps, It was so exciting, we almost missed a couple of exits looking for gators! The kids had such a great time at Disney. Lily got so use to use taking a bazillion pictures, she started stopping in front of every tree and flower and asking to take her picture! One of the cutest moments with Lily was when she asked Tinker Bell and the Fairies if they could make her fly! Chezney got to meet his favorite Pluto and the big kids loved the bigger roller coasters. I will be honest, I was not a fan of Epcot. It’s basically just some neat buildings, and a lot of shopping. We walked so much that day at that park. I think someone told us it’s about 7 miles if you walk the whole thing, which we did.

I had a few depressing moments on vacation. I didn’t get to ride a lot of rides because I was afraid I wouldn’t fit. So I missed out on a lot of fun. Also, I got stuck in a turn stall trying to board the train. It was one of their older ones, and they are smaller and I just couldn’t get the sucker to spin around. I tried to not cry, but when I saw the line forming behind me and my 5 year old Niece kept saying, “Kaka is stuck” Louder and Louder each time. (They call me Kaka J ) The tears just rolled. This is also the day that it decided to rain cat and dogs and we were so wet it looked like we went swimming with our clothes on. I was able to make my way through the crowd and I saw a handicap entrance. So I went through it and boarded the train. A few minutes later a grumpy old man that works there cam back and loudly stated “YOU WENT THROUGH AN EXIT” I said yes because I don’t fit through the turn stall. at this point im already upset, but he couldn’t hear me so I had to say it louder 3 more times! By this time, everyone on the train in my section knew I was so fat I couldn’t fit though the turn stall. And they were talking about me. I wanted to just turn around and be like, “The old man was hard of hearing, not me!” but I didn’t. I tried to regain composure, but it was hard. That incident and the rain ruined the day so we went back to the rental home.

Vacation was good. It was needed. But I was never happier to get back home. Keep a look out for my Southwest Airline Post in a few days. You think the story about the turn stall was bad, just wait. have a good day everyone!

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