Sunday, May 2, 2010

Work Work Work

What a month April has turned out to be! As you all know, I finally got a job offer (3 to be exact!) and accepted the position working for the State of Kansas. I started that job this week. It’s a nice, short, 10 to 15 minute drive on the side streets. No highway -Yay! It feels so good to be working again!

Day One: It was pretty slow, I got to meet just about everyone in the office. It’s so different to work in an office with more then two people! They are so laid back and carefree. During lunch breaks they play board and card games. I learned about the type of clients we deal with, that can be pretty creepy if you think about it, because everyone that’s a client has committed a felon in the past. Not all are serious, but we do deal with sex offenders and murders. The afternoon, I sat through orientation, learned all the benefits and policies… yada yada yada.

Day two welcomed me with a carpool ride to Topeka for the Regional Meeting. A long hour ride early in the morning with 3 guys who listened to talk radio! Yep, you guessed it, snooze time! I bet I made a good impression on my second day! I just hope I didn’t snore! Regional Meetings are where the entire North  Region gets together and talks about how to better the department and things that are going on with the state. Everyone kept telling me how boring it was, but I learned so much! Maybe it’s because I was the new girl. For instance, before I started this job, I was against the proposed sales tax on soda and sugar beverages. But at the meeting, I learned that the State proposed that tax to try and help meet budget cuts and save State Employee Jobs! I also learned that the State of Kansas is VERY poor these days! Enough about that, on to day Three!

Day three, four and five were all the same. I finally got a computer and started learning some of the basic programs. We have lots of meetings and group sessions we hold on Wednesday and Thursday, so the office was hopping all day long. Friday, I dove into some files. My new task is to reorganize the filing cabinets and make more space. No worries, I wont blog much about my job every week. lol. I was just so excited to finally be back at work and share my new experience with everyone!

I really think I’m going to like this job. There is so much to do and learn! I’m off to the Library to pick up a few books so I can learn a lot of the lingo and crimes! What a good week!

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Trish said...

Sounds like things are looking up! Yay!