Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Find

Yes! another catchy day of the week blog! Friday's Fabulous Find!

I swear I've been missing my brain this week. I've not thought of anything new and exciting all week to blog, My scrapbooking has not been anything to write home about and work has been brutal and boring. Being a recruiter in a "non-hiring" economy is tough. I believe I've looked at just about all items posted on ebay, shopped every online store that offers clothes that fits me, and still i sit here feeling my brain turn to blah. I force myself to use what little braincells are left this Friday afternoon and came up with Friday's Fabulous Find! What do you think? I figured I'd blog about great deals I've found on the Internet or weekend specials or just something that's too damn cute not to share!

So... on to Friday's Fabulous Find. Today, in my e-mail, i received this wonderful coupon to Avenue, (specializing in plus size fashion and accessories). They are offering Buy a pair of Capri's, get the second pair for $10.00. And they are offering Buy a pair of Shoes, get the second pair for $10.00. This offer is in store only. Click HERE to get your coupon. Offer ends 4/5/09.

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mariehahn13 said...

I love it! A new quirky, fun weekday blog name... it's fantastic! I love your "Website Wednesday" and now I'm looking forward to Fridays! lol

Avenue... hell yes. Let's go! lol