Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Website Wednesday!

This weeks page recommendation for Website Wednesday comes Marie!

I haven't had much time to fully explore this website but it seems pretty cool. Romance Stuck "Helping you add more love and romance to your life". That they do. They offer Marriage proposal ideas, advice on how to buy an engagement ring, tips on flirting and movie recommendations. They also have fun little quizzes, trivia and games to play. They offer ideas on scrapbook pages, gifts and travel. I did notice a link in the Romance Shop forn Chocolate Covered Strawberries that I'm going to have to check out! Romance Stuck has a Q&A section as well. If you need any help in the romance department or are just looking for some new fresh ideas, check them out!

Thanks Marie, this was a great site to share!

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mariehahn13 said...

You're welcome! I like that website :) It helped me out more than once... lol