Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Find My Family"

Has anyone seen the new show on ABC called "Find My Family"?  I caught a sneekpeek of it last week and it almost brought me to tears.  This week was just the same.  The show is about individuals/families searching and finding their adopted or biological family.  I also think it's fantastic that the two hosts of the show were also adopted and can releate to the individuals on a personal level.

They are accepting applications so my husband and I are filling that out in hopes that they will be able to help us find his biological mother and answer some life long questions about his heritage.  Possibly be able to be a part of her life as well.  Wish us luck and keep  us in your prayers that we get selected to be one of the thousands that will apply!

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mariehahn13 said...

I actually saw that the other night and was going to suggest it to you guys! I hope you get picked and he finds them. I know it's something he REALLY wants!

Good luck! I'll be praying you guys get chosen :) Love!