Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good Bye 2009!

Good Bye 2009!

Well it’s that time for another year to say good bye. What a year it has been. I did not have a lot going on this year. I celebrated my one year wedding anniversary with the most wonderful man ever. I became a mom to another beautiful Boston Terrier-Fred. I was laid off not once, but twice this year. My health remained decent. My father unfortunatly came down with the pneumonia but is doing good now. Mom had to have her knee replacement surgery. She was slow to recover but is doing much better.

My husband and I wasn’t able to travel much this year. We made a trip to Oklahoma in January and have been stuck in Kansas since. For Christmas, my mother bought my whole family (mom, dad, me, husband and my brothers family) airline tickets to Disney World! I’m so looking forward to that trip in April.

Many wonderful people said goodbye in 2009 this year. Patrick Swayze, Farrah Fawcett, Britany Murphy and Michal Jackson to name a few of the famous. A few new arrivals said hello this year too. Zachary, Jeffery and Parker!

I hope the New Year brings every one plenty of joy …. I wouldn’t mind if it would melt some of this snow too!


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