Friday, February 5, 2010

Mist Hydrator

The snow has ruined my plans for the day!  I was hoping the snow was over, but I guess the Groundhog did see his shadow... ugh.  We've had so much snow this year!  I like snow, don't get me wrong, but it's time to move on. At one point, it was snowing up to 2 inches an hour!  I think we have about 6-7 inches since about 10 am and has finally slowed down..  But it's not over yet, the forecast is showing atleast 2 more days of it.  I hope it doesn't ruin my super bowl plans!!!

So since I wasn't able to get out and about today, I decided to conquer my stack of magazines.  In Real Simple November 2009, I ran across this neat little product that I think I must go buy!  I haven't seen these around anywhere and I think it's a great invention!  Not only for athletes and those die hard fitness fans, but for hot summer days at the fair or vacations!  Trudeau has this neat Mist Hydrator.  It's a water bottle with a pop up straw and a mist squirt button!  It's also ECO friendly and BPA Free. The magazine says they cost $10, but I don't see a price or a way to purchase them on their website.  Click HERE to find an online retailer or click HERE to find a retailer near you.  My address popped up ACE Hardware, so I will be calling and double checking before I head out and buy one.  Green for the hubby and of course Hot Pink for me.  They even advertise a Breat Cancer Pink one.

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