Monday, February 8, 2010

Product Review - Millstone Hawaiian Blend

Two Thumbs Up!  Oh I love this coffee!  I have been in a coffee mood lately and while my husband and I were at the store, we decided to try a few new blends.  We picked up Millstones Hawaiian Blend Coffee.  I'm typically the plain coffe with a ton of cream and sugar type of girl, but the aroma in the store was so invinting, I had to give it a try.  It has such a great flavor to it!  I didn't notice the "after taste" as much with this coffee as I do with others.  The aroma was eye opening and made the house smell good.   I recommend everyone giving this blend a try!

Hawaiian Blend

This medium-bodied, light roast coffee is a delicate blend with bright, floral notes highlighted with subtle citrus character and smooth (or clean) aftertaste. Only the finest-grade Arabica beans and coffees produced on the Hawaiian Islands are used for this delightful blend.

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