Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Olivia!

I'm a month late on this post, but I am home sick and can't rest.. so here it is!

My beautiful 27 week baby is a year old.  What an emotional day.  We celebrated with those closest to us. Presents, balloons and cake!  Here are a couple of pictures from her party.

Olivia overall is doing very well.  She weighs 21 pounds and is almost 30 inches long.  Thats a long way from 2.12 and 14 inches!  She has 8 teeth, loves saying dada and bub bub.  She has a bunch of words, but those are the favorite.  She loves bouncing in her exersaucer and her favorite food is sweet potatoes and gerber  puffs!  She is crawling all over the place and is pulling herself up.  Im so proud of my little boogie!

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