Sunday, January 29, 2012

What Will Keep Me Going...

In March 2010 I posted about "What Will Keep Me Going".  Obviously the list didn't keep me going... but I liked the list and still want to accomplish things on that list.  I decided to make an updated list.  I liked what I blogged before and decided to keep it and just add and update where needed.

I orginally did my first list back in 2005. My life has done a complete 360 since that list 4-5 years ago. I still have a lot on that list that will be put on to this list, however some things will change... like make mens heads turn, and to have men notice me and to be able to pick who I want to date, not just accept who wants to date me. I am married now and of course those things aren't inportant to me. Making this list also makes me realize that "morbidly obese" people have to go through so much in life that they shouldn't have too. I want to live a normal life and not worry about if I'm going to fit somewhere. I stopped living because of my size. I don't go to concerts or sporting games anymore becuase the seats are just too small. I make myself sick worrying if I will fit in the chairs at work and if they will hold me without breaking.   I've gained 100 pounds since that old list, and now my new list is twice as long. So let's get started.
  1. To be healthy
  2. To watch Olivia grow up
  3. To live a long happy life with my husband
  4. To be able to tie my shoes like a fit person does
  5. To not have to use a seat belt extender in my Jeep
  6. To fit in an airline seat
  7. To fit comfortably in a stadium seats (Royals, Chiefs, Sprint Center, Concerts)
  8. To own a pair of "Skinny Jeans" .. no not the tight skinny jeans.. just jeans beause i am feeling skinny!
  9. To own a "Little Black Dress"
  10. To run a mile with out feeling like I've died
  11. To be able to walk a flight or two of stairs without stopping
  12. To not have to shop in a "Plus Size" specialty store
  13. To be able to cross my legs
  14. To be able to wear high heels
  15. To be able to sit in a Restaurant Booth and not ask for a table
  16. To be able to go somewhere and not be stared at and made fun of
  17. To influence others my size and help them on their weight loss
  18. To play sports and have fun with Olivia
  19. To have a neck and chin
  20. To be able to say "I Did It!"

There's just a few on my list. I'll add more when they pop into my head. Hope everyone has a good day!

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mariehahn13 said...

I have one of these lists :) As soon as I get over this... whatever this is... lol I'm going to start walking again. I'll call you. Maybe we can walk together :)