Friday, January 16, 2009

Old Navy

OMG, i am about to rip my hair out. but what do i expect when sends out an e-mail with an additional 50% off all marked down items? Well wow, ok sign me up! Jeans and work pants and tops for $5.00! who doesn't love a bargin?! I selected my 12 items.. even tossed in a few things for the hubby... and wow lets check out... ooops... no system busy... refresh... oh now 6 of my items i wanted have already been purchased by someone else! ok check out the ones i have... ooops system busy.... there goes another item! I have been trying to check out for over an hour. I call customer service and wait 25 minutes for someone to answer the phone... "im sorry mam, our serving is upgrading." WHAT A TIME TO UPGRADE! i know one of my goals this year was to be patient.. but when i can get clothes for almost 90% off... I want them! and i want them now!

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