Friday, January 16, 2009

Swimsuits and Snow

I think somehow during the last week I was transferred to Alaska! -8 degrees! Highs of 11? and now it's snowing! I love snow.. but only when it's warm enough to go outside and play in it! And on a side note, this is Kansas people, we are use to snow, rain, ice, 80mph winds... learn to drive! I had some nut on the way to work keep hitting his breaks every 20 yards. Did he really want me to hit him? And another nutball that was doing about 60... that's speeding on a dry day!

All this snow got me to thinking about some beach, some where... then at that moment sends me an update on their new upcoming swimwear. Now it's no secret that I am a big girl and the swim suits are different then the cute itsy bitsy bikinis. but I think i have to have this one.

But there is one thing that I never will understand... show me what it looks like with a belly! these models are like the most perfect plus size girls i've ever seen. no bellys, flabby arms, rolls, wrinkles, or thighs! Oh well.. that's why I'm exercising right? :) Happy Friday!

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