Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Week One of Dieting

Conquering week one... wow i've done a complete change in my eating habbits. I did not have fast food one time this week! That is an amazing accomplishment in it's self for me. I replaced McDonalds Bagel breakfast with eggos and cheerios. No more Double Cheeseburgers and Chicken Finger Lunches... it consists of frozen meals and salads. Supper is now fresh baked chicken or turkey say good bye applebees, godfathers and china one!

Not only is this diet going to help me get healthier, it is saving me money. I figured out one week alone i was saving an average of $30 a week on breakfast. Not to mention I hate out 5 times a week for lunch and then my husband and I would typically eat dinner out 5 times a week. So we are saving atleast $100 a week on eating out. Yay!

The Results:
Week one went great! I lost 13.8 pounds and my husband lost 7.6 pounds and my cousin lost almost 7! So proud of everyone. I hope we have the good numbers next week! I know the second week is harder... but i didn't get this way with hard work! lol

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