Monday, June 8, 2009

10 Months already???!!!

Wow can you believe that Danny & I have already been married 10 months?! This year is flying by! I remember this time last year I was going for my first dress fitting! Yay!

How was everyones weekend?
Mine was OK...
Thursday - Danny & I took the Nieces and Nephew fishing. We didn't catch anything worth keeping... After we took the kids back to my brother, Danny and I went to the lake to do some more fishing. I caught a bass, too small to keep. It was nice out, warm breeze, we were enjoying the late afternoon together... and then out of nowhere... I see what appears to be a snake swimming in the lake... I start to panic... I HATE snakes. Danny confirms it is a snake. Just then, the snake must have smelled my fear and decided he needed to swim to us. I reeled in my pole, grabbed my chair and ran to the car. It seemed like it took Danny forever to get to the car, once he did he just starts busting out laughing. I for the life of me had no clue what was so funny. He continues to laugh and say he's never seen me move so quick in his life, he swears my feet didn't touch the ground. :) I typically move at the pace of a turtle. That was the end of our fishing for Thursday.
Friday - I'm drawing a blank as to what I did...
Saturday - I watched my nephews and nieces fish at a local fishing derby. They didn't catch enough to win but they had a good time. There were so many people out there. I think this was the biggest turn out yet. We set up our chairs and the kids fishing stuff, we are enjoying watching all the kids and families. Just then Dad said, there is a snake swimming by Chez's bobber. You could see the fear in my eyes and see the panic crawling through my skin... it swims right up to the bank by the kids. I'm telling the kids to get back while my sister n law thinks she can catch it! No No No! Finally the snake swims off and we enjoy the rest of the afternoon. I just hate snakes. Saturday evening my husband wants to go fishing after work, this time, a turtle wouldn't stop attacking my bait and bobber. no matter where I would cast my pole, the turtle slowly made his way to my bait/bobber. Not a fun evening of fishing. My idea of fishing is catching fish! Not running from snakes and turtles!
Sunday - the air conditioner is out in the apartment. I didn't do anything but park my butt with the dog in front of the fan. Man was it hot. The dog even got sick it was so hot in there. Thank goodness for the thunderstorms that rolled in and cooled us off about 30 degrees!

OK I'm done rambling... I hope all had a good weekend!
Happy Monday!

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