Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Find!

I just realized this is my 102nd post! Yay!

TGIF! What a sad week in the entertainment industry. Ed, Farrah and Michael. Michael was my Elvis. I'm still in shock. I know the man got creepy, and was "accused" of child molestation, but the man was talented. That's what we need to remember, how he could write, sing and dance. Radio stations have been playing blocks of Michael Music. He has soooo many great songs!! I said it yesterday, he will be missed, but never forgotten. RIP Michael.

On to Friday's Fabulous Find.
No coupon needed for this great deal. Gap is having a sale on jeans. Selected Regular priced $49.50-$69.50 are on sale for $19.99! You can't hardly buy jeans for that price anymore! This sale is in store only.

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