Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Monday...

Good Morning Monday!

98 for the high with a heat index of 107! Sizzling!
When it's 82 degrees when you wake up and you are sweaty getting out of the shower... you know the day is going to be blah.

I ran out the door and decided to hit up McDonald's for a ice tea and maybe a biscuit... well I am notorious for never carrying cash, I debit card everything I buy, yes even the $1.00 tea. Well today, McDonald's decides to accept cash only. At first I was like you've got to be kidding me, I've sat in this drive thru line 10 minutes! Put out some signs! Then I decided that it's for my own health and went to work. For those who know me, you know that when this chubafata girl doesn't get food, she gets cranky.... :)

More Monday for you, 7:30 am. My computer at work decides to not work! I don't know what it is, but it just randomly decides to dye on me about once-twice a week. I swear the Computer Guy has it bugged just so he can make money! But as you can see, finally up and running by 10:00.

Headlines: 25 worst neighborhoods in the US. What's that? #8 is Kansas City, MO? No surprise to this girl. Oh and #6?! Every day I turn on the news just to hear who was shot, stabbed or beaten. What I find interesting is the study shows what your chances of becoming a victim are. The #6 KCMO Neighborhood of 64128/64127 is 1 out of 7! And the #8 KCMO neighborhood of 64110 is 1 out of 8! I don't like those chances! The #1 city is Cincinnati, OH 45210/45214.
Click here if you'd like to see if you're neighborhood is in the top 25.

I hope everyone had a good weekend and is having a good Monday!

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