Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Website Wednesday!

Hello Everyone! I am so excited about today's website!!!

As you all know, I am a huge fan of Kristin Steede from the Biggest Loser 7. I never was much into that show until season 7. They actually had females my size on there! My husband and I both found Kristin and Filipe to be our favorites. I was amazed with Kristin in so many ways. Here she was, my size woman, her weight was in the way of her having a baby, I related to her on so many levels. I watched her change her life every week.

So, as you guessed it, today's website is

Her site is new and still a work in progress. On her site, you can find her Biography, you can schedule Kristin to come speak to a group about her journey, and you can read her blog. Her blog is great, she has started giving her story of what it is like on the biggest loser ranch and what her work outs were like. I enjoy it, I think you will too.


Anonymous said...

I love Kirsten too. She's someone you'd like to be best friends with!

Tonya said...

Oh I know!