Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Website Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday! I think everyone will be able to use today's website. I was very excited when AOL did a brief article on it. I am a pessimist, I can't help it. In my mind, I see the good in advertising all these great deals, but the pessimist in me can't help but want to scream at the news shows and AOL and places... (i guess I'm included in this category since I'm sharing it with you) that broadcast what great deals you can get. Even things for FREE! In my mind retailers are going to hear about this and start changing their policy and doing away with coupons when they realize how much money they could end up losing! Then we are all screwed in the end! It's OK for me to share, I have 7 followers! not a Zillion!

OK, back to the website. Sometimes I get to rambling and lose focus of what I was talking about. is a blog that tells you tips and tricks and secrets to the good deals! For Instance, Old Navy is doing a coupon website where you have to click and find coupons. Well she was lucky and snagged the Save $75 off of $100 coupon! (I couldn't begin to imagine the damage I could do at old navy with that coupon.) She gave the location of it.. and well my friends... there are no more of those fantastic coupons left. There are a few not so greats out there, like save $10 off of $50 and so on. She also tells you how to "stack" your coupons and things like that and lets you know when stores offer double and even triple coupon days! Check it out! Hope this helps you all save a few dollars during this hard economic time!

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