Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Good News!

As I sat and sulked in my big fat leather chair, thinking about how no one has called me for a job since October, I received a phone call.  An interview!  Yes!  Finally, someone was interested in me.  Super excited!  An administrative assistant position for a major candy company.  Great, a fat girl interviewing for a candy company.  I have been going over all the "right" answers in my head.  I've told myself 100 times to relax and not be nervous.  I'm perfect for this position. 

But.....  1 little word has me freaking out and about to cry.  Stairs.  The interviewer said "we'll go up stairs".  Oh lord.  Not only was I kinda worried already about my size, now I have to climb stairs?  Let's just stack the deck even further against me.  I can't do stairs.  I have bad knees and I'm carrying an extra 200 pounds of fat on me!  I will be so out of breath!  My husband is trying his best to calm me, however I just want to cry and cancel this interview.  The thought of being embarassed and losing a potential job because I am so damn fat kills me.

I just hope I can get past my fears and have a good interview! 

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mariehahn13 said...

You're a WONDERFUL person with a FABULOUS personality! You'll do GREAT with your interview! Don't stress out about the little things. Just be yourself and they should fall in love with you! Be proud of who you are :)