Tuesday, January 19, 2010

4 weeks to gorgeous skin

4 weeks to gorgeous skin

It’s no secret that my skin can use a little help, especially this time of year. I don’t have a lot of wrinkles, however, I do have some patches of dry skin. In an article written by Sally Wadyka, she goes over some simple solutions that should get your skin glamorous in 4 weeks. I thought I’d give it a try and see if it works.

Week One: Feed Your Face

For healthy skin, Sally Wadyka suggests that we feed our face. Our skin needs fruits, vegetables, protein, whole grains and good fat in your diet. Fruits & Veggies are loaded with skin protective antioxidants, as well as water to keep your skin hydrated. Whole Grains contain nutrients that help the body produce glycosaminoglycans, which assist in building firming collagen and elastin fibers. Protein rich foods also assist in building collagen and elastin. Eggs help to strengthen cell membranes. Healthy Fats help to keep skin soft and supple. Some healthy fats include olive oil, flaxseed oil and nuts. Water helps to hydrate your body and it plumps lines and wrinkles. Taking Supplements is also suggested to ensure that you skin and body gets all the nutrients it needs.

Week Two: Transform Your Skin Tone

Brown spots and splotchiness can be minimized by using products that increase cellular turnover. Exfoliate every morning by using a gentle granular scrub or glycolic acid lotion to sloth off dry, dull skin cells.

Week Three: Make Over Your Medicine/Make-Up Cabinet

For daily use, be sure to have a mild cleanser that is suitable for morning and night. Sunscreen (SPF 15 or higher) is the most essential part of any skin care routine. To make it easier on yourself, try to get a moisturizer or foundation that has SPF in it. Antioxidants provide an extra layer of protection for your skin. Layer the antioxidant cream under the sunscreen. Some products come with moisturizer, antioxidant and sunscreen all in one! Eye Cream & Night Cream should also be used daily.

Week Four: Minimize Your Wrinkles

At week four, you may still see a few lines, so they suggest using a product that will fill in the wrinkle lines or camouflage them. They don’t suggest running out and getting injections, however they recommend trying Olay Regenerist Filling & Sealing Wrinkle Treatment.

Hopefully in a few weeks the dryness will be better!

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