Tuesday, January 19, 2010


“Lettuce” talk about Lettuce. As promised, more information from “Eat This Not That”.

Did you know that Iceberg lettuce has basically the same nutrition as a plastic plant? Me either! It has little fiber, vitamins or minerals. Instead of Iceberg, they suggest the following:

• Romaine – best vegetable sources of beta-carotene – cancer fighting lettuce

• Arugula – one cup of Arugula has 10 % of the bone building minerals found in whole milk and less saturated fat – bone builder lettuce

• Endive = one cup provides almost 20 % of your daily requirement of folate – heart healer lettuce

• Mustard Greens – packed with amino acid tyrosine – brain booster lettuce

• Bok Choy – one bowl has 23% of your daily requirement of vitamin A and one third of Vitamin C, also includes isothiocyantes and dithiolthione – antiaging lettuce

• Spinach – top source of lutein and zeaxanthin – Vision enhancement lettuce

• Kohlrabi – 25% of your daily requirement of potassium in one serving – blood pressure lettuce

I haven’t heard of a few of these; however I plan on picking some up instead of iceberg for my next salad!

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