Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Biggest Loser

I didn’t find this week’s Biggest Loser to be very motivating. This week was Student/Teacher week, where one team member trained the other. I was very impressed with the Pink Teams loss. I like the PINK team, I can closely relate to her. It’s about time they had a fat girl on there that looked fat! She has my legs and arms and belly! Go PINK!

This week also made me realize that I’m not cheering for the RED or GREEN team. The RED is too arrogant for me and the GREEN is too much personal attitude. Hopefully my opinions of them will change in the future. I wish all the contestants luck with weight loss, just some more than others.

The WHITE team was the lowest percentage of the night.  I liked Mike when I started watching the show, however, at 500 pounds he really needs to start showing that he belongs to be there.  Because next time he's going home not his mother.

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