Thursday, January 21, 2010

Product Review = Laughing Cow Cheese

 I LOVE cheese!  And being on a diet makes the selection of good, yummy cheese limited.  My husband decided to buy me the Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges. He bought the "Light Original Swiss" with only 35 calories a wedge.  We bother were very skeptical about a good "healthy" cheese that wasn't waxy, that didn't clump when you try to spread it, and that wasn't so dry you coudln't swallow.  To our surprise, we loved it!  The taste was wonderful, the texture was smooth and oh so spreadable.  We topped it off with Special K Whole Grain Crakers.  Yum!  We give it a big YES! You guys gotta try it!


Trish said...

Ohmygosh I love Laughing Cow! I eat mine with Special K crackers too. I love the Special K crackers because you can eat a decent sized serving and you feel like you've actually had something. My only problem is it's easy for me to go a little overboard with that stuff because it's sooo good!

Anonymous said...

I've heard lots of good reviews on Laughing cow cheese, now I just need to try some myself, lol.