Sunday, January 3, 2010

Oh My God, Look At Her!

I know I've talked about this before, but yesterday was so horrible! I spent the afternoon out shopping with my cousin, Marie. Both of us are fairly large ladies. Yesterday must have been "Make fun of fat people day", because that's all that happened everywhere we went. Both of us were dressed nice, had our nice coats on, we were looking respectful. But for some reason, society makes fat people out to be lazy, sloppy slobs who don't care about themselves. At lunch, there was a table of 3 couples and 3 children. We are use to children staring at us, but children and their parents?! I felt guilty eating. I just wanted to turn to them and say "stop staring, I didn't get fat by NOT eating!" When I'm out with my nieces and nephews, I get onto them anytime i notice them staring at anyone, no matter what they look like. But what was I thinking, the parents were staring too, so why would they say something to the children.

After lunch it was off to the book store. I visit this book store a couple times a week. Today was the worst I've ever been treated. Not only by other customers but workers as well. Walking into the store, we had the typical stares, and of course the "Oh My God, Look at Them!" At one point, a worker ran into me, didn't even say excuse me, then just pointed to the door that he wanted in and just said "Uh". Well I'm in front of the worker door because you ran me over with your cart! Not once did he say excuse me, he was sorry or even ask for me to move. I'm fat, it's not contagious. After a few more minutes, we hear laughter and pointing... seriously people, I'm not an animal in the zoo. I am human, I have feelings. Then comes another joke "wow we aren't gonna make it down this isle, it's blocked" and of course we were the only ones in the aisle. As I was checking out, the cashier asked how my visit was... and I told him it was horrible. I said that I have never ran into so many rude customers and workers in one place that made fun of fat people. The cashier behind him turned around and stared at us then started laughing.

I'm so tired of it, my husband is tired of me being made fun of, my cousin and I'm sure many other large people of this world are too. I know people are made fun of all the time for many different reasons. But seriously, how hard is it to just keep your mouth shut?

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Trish said...

People can be such jerks!

At over 300 pounds sometimes I find myself getting dissed because of my weight too, but I live in an area of the country that's not exactly known for healthy living, and fortunately for me, there's alot of fat people around so I fit right in most of the time. Whenever I leave this area and go to the city, I definitely notice alot of stares though!

It amazes me that in our politically correct society that there's sensitivity and sympathy for all kinds of people and all kinds of issues, but it's still okay to make fun of fat people. Grrr!

Well, for what it's worth, I think you're pretty and your red glasses rock!

Take care!