Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Is he a Bachelor.. or not?

I was so excited when Jason finally proposed to Melissa. And her reaction was priceless...

After the rose ceremony was a jaw dropper for me... as I'm sure it is to the rest of the world. Jason broke up with Melissa on national TV and the next minute was confessing his love for Molly and then sticking his tongue down her throat!

You can't avoid what happened on last nights show, Every radio, Internet and TV show is talking about it. But what I don't get is why everyone is angry with him and calling him an ass? He did nothing wrong.... who hasn't picked the wrong person in their life at some point? I sure know I've been there. I've even called off an engagement myself.. and I'm glad I did, because if i would have went through with it, I wouldn't have found my wonderful husband I have today. Breaking up on national TV was a little brutal... but if you watched Jimmy Kimmel you would have learned that it was in Jason's contract that he had to do it live and you would have also learned that Melissa and Jason were no longer together the night of that show... and you could tell that when she walked out on stage last night. no smiles, a forced hug, and sitting far apart on the couch. They were split up, but last night was the first night they could talk about why he was leaving her due to the bachelor contract.

People get so into these shows... I'm a religious follower of the show... but what Jason did was follow his heart... that doesn't make him an ass.

I say... "get off Jason's case! "

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