Friday, March 6, 2009


YES YES YES. thank god it's friday. the week as went by fairly fast, so i can't complain to much. However, since my car accident i keep getting headaches and feeling just funky. Today i have felt like i've had a hangover... and i haven't had a drink since new years! I'm suppose to go out with kelly tonight, but i'm not sure if i'll make it. Maybe i'll have to check in with the doctor to make sure i didn't knock something loose up there. :)

Yesterday was a superfab day. nice warm breeze and almost 80! I just had to take the afternoon off of work. I got to enjoy a nice lunch with the hubby and was able to pick the nieces and nephew up from school and take them to the park. We had so much fun, then it was off to moms for Tacos and to splash in the hot tub. It was a wonderful thursday!

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