Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Website Wednesday!

Yes! I've managed 2 weeks in a row to post on Website Wednesday!

Today's website is a new favorite of mine.

Yep that's right. A Myspace for Dogs! (it's educational too!)

Most owners treat their pets like people ( i know i do!), so Dogster thought to themselves.."why can't pooches get their own profiles?" (and to be honest, all 3 of my animals have a myspace page!)

On Dogster, owners can create pages for their pets, post their pictures and their stories. There is more to Dogster then just posting a profile for your Dog. You can find great tips and advice from other members and local services such as Vets and Dog Walkers. They also have a section on Adoption and orphaned animals. Dogster also offers Breed Info and and a Dog Manual if needed. ( Maybe I can find advice on potty training a 1 year old! )


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